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Street Food Polska Festival
Beautiful weather, good food - do we need anything more? During this weekend 10-11 June 2017 Krakow invites you to Street Food Polska Festival in Galeria Kazimierz vol. 2 - delicious street food from the street food masters! The list of participants is long but you simply cant be in Cracow and not try the Cracovian maczanka from the Andus Food Truck, delicious pancakes from Ladys Food Truck, Jewish Food from the Świder Food Truck and many, many others! Book this weekend for a trip to Krakow and see you in Deco!

IMPACT Festival 15/17 June 2017
Enjoy rock music? IMPACT Festival 15/17 June 2017 in Tauron Arena, Cracow is fory you! Linkin Park, System of a Down and many others. Do you like it? Buy tickets, book accommodation in Hostel Deco and see in Krakow!

A wreath-day (Wianki)!
Krakow celebrates at June 24th, 2017! This Saturday is a traditional wreath-day (Wianki), a city holiday, a summer holiday and a holiday for anyone who likes to have fun. As usual, the will be a contest for the most beautiful wreath, numerous attractions for the youngest, live concerts on 4 stages spread throughout Cracow (on the Main Square, Szczepanski Square, Podgórski Square and Nowa Huta). This beautiful night will be illuminated, as usual with fireworks show. You cant miss it! Book your accommodation in Hostel Deco today!
Krakow Film Music Festival 2017!
This year s event will last from May 17th to May 23rd and will be a true treat for film music fans. This year we will see (and listen to) the "Neverending Story" - with music live, "Młodzi na poważnie" series, this year with the Star Wars series music and the absolute firecracker - "Titanic" with music live show. In addition, numerous outdoor shows, more intimate concerts in the philharmonic, ICE congress center. Check the tickets and come in! Check the availability and book your accommodation in Hostel Deco. See you there!