Hostel Deco


1. The reception is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Beds in dormitories as well as private rooms are booked per night. The sojourn starts upon check-in. Guests are admitted and welcome at any hour - there are no official check-in hours. Private rooms and beds in dormitories are available for occupancy immediatelly after they have been vacated and done by the housekeeping personnel - having taken into account that the check-out time on the day of the departure of the previous occupant/s is 11:00 a.m.

Check-out time on the day of departure: private rooms/beds in dormitories must be vacated not later than 11:00 a.m. and the room key must be returned to the reception desk. Each guest is oblieged to inform the reception desk personnel about their check-out even if they are not personally responsible for the key (if they are not the last person to leave the room - in case of dormitories).

If the duration of the sojourn has not been clearly stated by the guest, booking of either a bed in a dormitory or a private room is taken per night.

Guests willing to extend their stay should inform reception personnel before 10:00 a.m. on the previously planned departure day. Provided that there is a sufficient number of vacant beds/rooms, extended stay requests are readily satisfied.

Guests who fail to check-out before 12:00 noon will be assessed a late/improper check-out fee that is the equivalent of a one night stay cost. This, however does not guarantee an extended stay.

In the event of late/improper check-out and the bed/private room having been booked by another person for the consecutive night,the hostel personnel is authorized to enter the room in the guest's absence, pack their personal belongings and place their luggage in the hostel luggage storage.

3. Booking can be made oline, directly at, using a credit card, which automatically generates booking confirmation.

Booking can also be made personally at the hostel reception desk, over the phone at (0048)12 631-07-45 or via e-mail -, however these forms of reservation making require additional confirmation that can be accomplished in two ways:

- By providing credit card information ( credit card number and its expiry date) that is a guarantee of confirmed booking. By doing so a person making the reservation gives the hostel consent to determine if the user's account is valid and able to accept the charge of the first night lodging in the event of a no-show or their not abiding by the hostel's cancellation policy;

- By pre-payment equivalent to the first night lodging cost - the pre-payment must be made no later than 3 days after the booking has been made or not later than the date and time agreed on by the person making the booking and hostel reception personnel. Failure to make the pre-payment on time results in automatic booking cancellation.

4. Bookings can be cancelled or changed if a request to do so is expressed via e-mail received by the hostel reception personnel no less than 48 hours before the stay (e.g. a booking made for 10th of May can be cancelled no later than midnight 7th of May) If the wish to cancell a booking is expressed less than 48 hours before the stay, hostel management reserve the right to either keep the pre-payment or charge the credit card holder the amount equivalent to the single night lodging cost.

5. If there is a request for invoice, it should be expressed upon making a booking. An invoice can be issued within 7 days after the payment has been made (either in case of a pre-payment or a final payment for the stay) or within 3 months if an invoice is to be issued to a private person (private invoice). After this time limit no invoice requests will be accepted.

6. Hostel Deco guests applying for Polish Visas must ask and inform Hostel Deco reception desk staff that they require a letter confirming their booking at Hostel Deco for the Embassy. This confirmation letter will be prepared and faxed to the Embassy or to the applicant at a given telephone no. or sent to them at a given email address within 24 hours after the total cost of the the applicant's stay at Hostel Deco has been paid. In the event of changing such a reservation or booking canellation, after the booking has been confirmed, the amount of money paid to the Hostel for accommodation will not be returned.

7. The hostel management reserve the right to set minimum stay policy (e.g. 3- night minimum stay) This implies the pre-payment to be equivalent to the minimum stay cost; the minimum stay policy means both, that the hostel does not accept bookings made for less than the established number of nights and that the minimum stay can not be curtailed. In the event of late cancellation, the credit card holder will be charged the amount equivalent to the minimum stay cost.

8. All persons accommodated in the hostel, either in the dormitories or in private rooms, must show their identity card upon check-in.

Letting beds in dormitories or private rooms to other persons who are not accommodated in the hostel and whose identity has not been checked upon check-in is not permited, even if the total paymant has been payed by the guest on arrival or before the day of departure.

9. According to the hostel's policy, guests are not provided seperate accommodation for reasons such as difference in sex, therefore guests accomodated in the dormitories need to acknowledge the likelihood of sharing the room with uknown persons of both sexes. All beds in dormitories are single beds destined to be used by one person.

10. All non-guests invited by persons accommodated in the hostel are allowed to stay in the rooms from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

11. Silence must be kept at the hostel from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. During these established hours of silence persons accommodated at the hostel must not disturb other guests or the residents of the neighbouring houses.

12. The last person to leave a dormitory as well as all guests leaving private rooms are obliged to ensure that the door to the room is locked and the key is returned to the reception desk. In the event of the loss of the key the guest will be charged 50PLN.

13. Bed linens and towels are included in the price of a stay. Beds with clean bed linens on them are prepared for the guests by the hostel houskeeping personnel. Towels are available and are to be collected from the hostel reception desk after a deposit of 10PLN has been payed. This cash deposit is refunded upon return of undamaged towel/s to the hostel reception desk.

14. In case of extended stay room/s are cleaned by the hostel housekeeping personnel every third day of the guest's stay. Bed linens are changed every seventh day of the guest's extended stay.

15. Hostel common areas are the kitchen, the common room and the garden. All guests are requested to treat the property with respect; to keep and leave the common areas clean and tidy.

16. Smoking is prohibited throughout all indoor areas of the hostel. The prohibition of smoking does not apply to the balconies of the rooms and the garden area. Non-compliance with this smoke-free policy results in a penalty of 100 PLN. This fixed penalty is to cover the costs of dry cleaning of drapery, curtains, bedspreads, bed linens, carpets in the areas where the smoke-free policy was violated.

17. Use of electrical appliances (immersion heaters, electric irons, etc.) in the rooms, other than appliances already provided in the rooms, is prohibited as it interferes with fire safety measures. This does not apply to mobile phone chargers, AC/DC adaptors or power supplies.

18. For guests to rearange or move any provided furnishings and appliances in the rooms, recepition desk personnel permission is required.

19. Free services rendered on request:
* provision of all lodging and travel information
* wake-up service
* money and valuables deposit in the hostel safe for the duration of the sojourn
* luggage storage facilities before check-in and after check-out
* safety-lockers
* laundry services for individual guests only; one load of laundry (maximum of 5 kilos/11 pounds) per stay is free of charge; washing machine and tumble drier are operated by the hostel personnel
*Internet and computer access - 2 computers open for use in the common area and accessible free Wi-Fi throught the premises (free Wi-Fi code to be collected at the hostel reception desk)

20. Polish higher education institutions students not yet 26 years old are entitled to a "student offer". In such a case a valid student card is required upon check-in.

"Student offer" includes only bed-nights. Breakfast or towels are not included in the price. In accordance with sanitary regulations, in the event of students: carrying and using their own bed linens, a bed linens set must comprise of a bed sheet, a duvet cover and a pillowcase and not of a sole sleeping bag. "Student offer" bookings are taken at most two weeks in advance. "Student offer"is not available during the Christmas High Season, New Year's Eve, Easter, May long weekend or summer holiday (from the 1st of July to the 30th of September).

21. The hostel management reserve the right to evict or refuse accommodation to guests who do not abide by the hostel regulations or respect the principles of culture and proper behaviour. In such circumstances the amount paid for the stay is no way refunded.

22. Persons accommodated at the hostel are resposible for all breakages and damage to hostel property, furnishings, appliances and all electronic equipment done by them or their non-guest visitors.

23. Juwentus Security Company provides the hostel with professional 24 hour security services .

24. Hostel common areas are under 24 hour video monitoring.

25. Hostel is not to be held responsible for the loss or damage to the property of the persons accommodated in the hostel in accordance with article 846-849 of the Civil Code, under the condition that the items/belongings have been kept in a locked room (a private room locked with a key) or in a locker (padlocked). Padlocks are to be collected at the hostel reception desk after a deposit of 10PLN has been paid. This cash deposit is refunded upon return of undamaged padlock at the hostel reception desk.

Hostel guest must report any damage immediately after noting it..

26. The hostel's responsibilty for the loss or damage to money, securities, valuables or objets d'art and items of scientific value is limited unless they are deposited at the hostel reception desk.

27. Hostel is not to be held responsible for the loss or damege to a car or any other vehicle owned by the guest.

28. Guest's personal belongings left at the hostel, if requested, may be sent to the indicated postal address at the expense of the guest. In the event of no such request, guest's personal belongings left at the hostel will be stored for 3 moths. After this time limit they will be disposed of.

29. Hostel management and personnel do their best to provide hostel guests with services of high standard. Nevertheless, all guests are kindly requested to acknowledge that the standard of hostel services is, as rule, not equal to the standard of services provided in hotels. Should any discontent with the service provided occur, all guests are requested to inform the hostel reception desk personnel so that the cause of the discontent can be immediately removed.

30. Guests can lodge complaints at the hostel reception desk if they find the service provided poor or deficient.

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